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How To Repurpose Old Shutters


Shutterz Incorporated loves to offer a huge variety of shutter and window options. We would love to help give you needed and upgraded shutters and window options but also help to remove and recycle the unwanted shutters. Most of our clients upgraded from curtains, but some had old shutters that were out of style or too damaged for repair. We have compiled a list of options on some of our favorite ways to repurpose old shutters.

Repurpose old shutters into furniture

Shutters can be cut and/or bolted together to make a variety of other useful furnishings. This can be done to make small table, will just need a small piece of glass on top for a flat surface. They can also be cut to make a box or trunk for storage. Sturdy old shutters can be made into a bench or a footrest. All of these possibilities can be carried out with little supplies and can be stained or painted to make them more unique or personalized.

Gardening or Exterior purposes

Old shutters could be very useful for gardening or yard sectioning purposes. Can stand them in the ground to keep plants separated. They can be used as the backing for a plant to lean against while growing. Shutters can also help block a plant that can only withstand minimum sunlight.


Old shutters can also be painted or decorated for all sorts of occasions and be used for Holidays as decoration. It could be painted grey and stand as a fake grave headstone or painted as a white ghost for Halloween. They can be painted or decorated for the Christmas season like the picture shown above. It is safe and easy to clothespin items to shutters such as Holiday cards, pictures, or other decorations. If not needed for decoration or any of the options above they can be easily chopped up and used as firewood during the winter months.

At Shutterz our diverse assortment of shutters can easily be incorporated with your current colors and styles and hopefully this helps on ideas for any unwanted shutters. Give us a call or stop by and we will get you on your way to a window facelift today!

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